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University Projects

Alfajores Logo.jpg
Alfajores Logo.png

These logo designs and website screenshots are from a module called 'Advanced Digital Toolkit', it involved a live client and her new business idea to sell sweet treats from her home continent of South America. 

She required us to design the entire logo from name to colours and then create a website for the business. The site was created on Dreamweaver & all of the photos for the site were taken by myself in the photography studio. 

Below is an e-magazine for the module 'Digital Content and Copy'. The remit was to produce an interactive magazine for a business of our choice, and being a travel lover, I chose EasyJet! 


Heres a link to download the magazine to view it in full.

Shropshire Veggies-2.png

This is a couple of creatives from a module called "Managing Online Communities". We were made to create a Facebook community based on a topic of our choice, and manage it for 10 weeks. Uploading anything that would appeal to the target audience, which for me was recipe ideas, cooking tips and the occasional meme!

Heres a link to the community to view the content in full.

Screenshot 2020-03-12 at 09.26.58.png
OOH Ad Syn-Free Kitchen.jpg

The second half of the assignment was to create a video pitch for the advertisement campaign.

Heres a link to the video assignment.

Another food related assignment! This time for a module called 'Advertisement and Media Management'. We were required to come up with a new delivery meal kit service and design the branding to go with it. I decided on a Slimming World based meal kit service and this is the branding and example advertisements I came up with.

Syn Free Kitchen Ad Campaign 2.png
Bare Necessities.png

This was part of my final year project or 'Marketing Showcase' as we call it at UCB. It involved coming up with a whole new business/service idea and writing a 5000 report detailing target market research, a literature review and developments of the future project. 

Untitled design.png
Leaflet Design.png

My project idea was a lingerie subscription service, and with every box purchased a box of clean underwear would be sent to a local homeless shelter in order to help those in need. I designed a leaflet (above right), a logo (above left) and an example of packaging that could be used (left). 

I focused a lot of my research on the homeless crisis in the UK, especially for the female population with very thought provoking results. 


Here is a link to my report to view it in full.

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